Monday, April 11

We recently held a meeting at Afghanistan's National Museum. The museum is right across the street from the old King's Palance, which as you can see was destroyed in the civil war after the Soviets left Afghanistan.

This is a wooden carving from Ghazni Province that dates back to Budhist times.

Watching one of the museum workers cleaning and reconditioning artifacts. Many of the artifacts had to be buried by museum workers as the Taliban were moving into Kabul. Those that couldn't be buried or otherwise hidden were destroyed by the Taliban. Many of the wooden statues where chopped to pieces.

A huge ancient bowl at the entrance of the museum.

This plaque in front of the museum says "A nation stays alive when it's culture stays alive" and is matched by one written in Dari on the opposite side of the sidewalk. It's an obvious lesson they want people to keep in their minds after so many pre-islamic artifacts were destroyed by the Taliban.

This man was sitting in front of the museum and, as most all Afghans would, sat there nice and happy to be photographed.

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