Tuesday, April 12

I'm leaving Kabul today. It's a mixed feeling of excitement and sadness. You get to be quite attached to the work, the people, and the surroundings after spending a year of your life here.

This is the OMC-A public affairs team that I worked with my last few months. I have truly enjoyed my work with them and the Afghan National Army while at the Office of Military Cooperation.

Another Major and I with some ANA Soldiers manning an observation post on a mountain overlooking Kabul.

Standing in the ruins of the building used as an observation post.

Creative gardening idea-- using spent shell casings as edging for your garden!

The old King's palace built in 1922 and destroyed during the civil wars in the 1990's, now home to a flock of sheep and kids playing. The palace was built by a German firm and is an exact replica of a palace in German, but I haven't found out which German palace. There's a movement to refurbish the palace and make it into the Afghanistan House of Parliament. That's some serious refurbishing needed, however.

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