Sunday, April 10

Here are some photos from a hike I recently went on with some coworkers at the ANA's Kabul Military Training Center. The base of the mountain is well over a mile high. One of the guys had an altimeter in his watch and figured it was about a 700 meter climb. It took us a little over two hours from start to finish. It was great exercise. You have to be off the mountain before 9 a.m. when some of the firing ranges open up. The mountain forms a back stop to several of the ranges.

This is the group halting for a photo about half way up.

I am the second guy traversing this ridgeline that leads to the actual peek of the mountain.

Sgt. C and I enjoying the view from the top.

Macho me :-)


Another view from the top

Cool clouds in the mountains along the way.

Cherry blossoms are in bloom. You can see my room that I share with three others on the second floor behind the sand bags.

At my desk.

At the barber shop. This is a one-barber shop in the same building where I live that is run by an Afghan man. He's a great guy and very interesting to talk to-- just as a barber should be :-)

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