Sunday, March 13

Hi everyone. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. To bring you up to date I'd like to start by thanking all of you again for thinking of me on my birthday last month. I received well over 50 cards from you and five packages. It was just great and I enjoyed sharing the snacks, etc., with friends and with some of the Afghans I work with. Most of the Afghans working with the coalition have large families and most help support up to 70 extended family members. They are very appreciative.

The weather has gotten warmer over the past week and a half. It's now in the 60s and even 70s during the day. Quite beautiful. The snow in the mountains is starting to melt, causing some flooding and deaths in rural villages. The flooding will get more severe as the temperature continues to rise at higher altitudes. The coalition has done extensive planning with the Afghan government and humanitarian organizations for flood relief. One of my Sergeants is deeply involved in these planning groups and has done a bull's work on the nation's plan for emergency management.

The Afghans believe our being here is a blessing from God in part because there was draught during the Taliban years and since the time we overthrew the Taliban there has been plenty of precipation for farmers to produce well.

I will be leaving Kabul in the next couple of weeks and staying a couple of weeks at Bagram before departing with my unit. Although I love receiving mail, I recommend you only send me email from now on as I will not likely receive any 'snail mail' before I leave. At Bagram I will be inspecting, inventorying, and packing the unit's equipment and coordinating for the redeployment of our personnel and equipment. It's quite exciting for the end of the tour to be in sight.

Here's a few photos for your viewing pleasure ;-)
This is a warehouse where the Office of Military Cooperation collects items donated for the Afghan National Army and organizes them for distribution.

Here is a warehouse worker packing trunks full of donated medical supplies for distribution to ANA units in the field.

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