Friday, February 4

We've been getting a lot of snow this winter. The locals tell me that it's colder and we're getting more snow than they have gotten in over ten years. Last night we got another foot of snow. The weekly bazaar has been cancelled four weeks in a row because of the snow, so those who have put in orders through me for stuff are going to have to wait a little longer!

Our buildings have no insulation other than what is inherent in the brick and cement they are made out of. The windows are single pane and the doors and windows do not fit well, so there are plenty of drafts. The buildings are heated with electric space heaters that can hardly keep up in this cold spell-- nearly zero most days. There are no heaters in the bathrooms and a short supply of hot water. If we're lucky we get a luke warm shower, even then as cold as the bathroom is you can see steam come off your body and you can see your own breath. Despite all this, we feel very fortunate compared to many of the other Soldiers that are out on guard/gate duty for eight hours straight in this weather, and compared to Soldiers patrolling out in the boonies.

Recently the Afghan National Army received a donation of ammunition from an east European country. The Office of Military Cooperation facilitates the international donation process for the Afghan National Army. Here's a photo of the Russian made plane it came in on.

Here are some Afghan workers unloading the ammunition.

I don't know if you can see how worn out some of the airplane tires are in this photo, but I can see a couple where the tread has worn through a few layers of rubber. When the Soldier in the photo asked the plane crew about it they said it was fine-- that the tires have seven layers of rubber!

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