Sunday, February 6

More snow! It seems to snow every day here. The Afghans say this is the most snow they've gotten in over 40 years.

You may have heard about the recent Kam Air plane crash near Kabul. The plane was waved away from the airport here because of the snowy conditions and crashed nearby. Again, because of the weather locating the plane took longer than you would expect. Since Kabul is surrounded by mountains, the plane went down in very rugged territory. The Government of Afghanistan deployed the National Army to secure the site and assist with recovery operations. We helped the ANA setup a media information center colocated with their operations center near the crash site. Here's a photo of ANA Soldiers in garrison marching towards the trucks that will take them to the site.

Here is a photo out the wind shield as we headed toward the ANA garrison. This is close to the embassies, so the roads are a little nicer.

These are some friendly Afghans riding in the back of a truck. I think they were getting muddy water sprayed all over them.

Here's a snowman that children sculpted right at the side of the highway.

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