Tuesday, February 15

I'm currently working on a story about the first computer training ever to be given to Afghan National Army Soldiers. Basically, the Coalition's Office of Military Cooperation is setting up computers and networks at all the ANA's Regional Command Headquarters and have a short contract with a company to maintain them. The ANA Soldiers receiving the training will go out to the field to take over maintenance of the networks and PCs when the contract runs out. I'll share the article once completed. As a teaser, here's a photo of Kabul University's Cisco computer lab. Yes, this is it. Nothing fancy, but the University and ANA are starting from ground zero in building their computer science departments and are dependent on donations for their resources. This lab was donated by Cisco and a faculty member was trained by Cisco in Pakistan. What you can't see is about six PC's that are part of the lab's network. They also have a computer classroom with about 50 PC's provided by the U.S. through the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

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