Tuesday, November 16

Here's some photo's I took one day when I was fortunate enough to get a helicopter ride to Bagram from Kabul and return, instead of having to take a ground convoy. There's a lot of photo's in this batch. I hope your computers don't crash!

This is a photo looking out the window of the UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter I was on, before we took off. The Crew Chief is standing outside checking things out. He also mans the machine gun you see through the other window. He's standing on steel panels used by military engineers to quickly make air strips and tarmacs. It's nick-named 'Steel Beach'.

Here are some Army Engineers working on the air field. They were using an earth mover, bull dozer, and dump truck. British radio plays at the gym on my base and today they played the theme to 'Bob the Builder'. That song goes great with this photo.

Here's a photo of a Chinook helicopter landing while we were taking off. The Chinook is the work horse in Afghanistan. It has the horse power and space to haul troops, supplies, or equipment almost anywhere in the country.

Here is a photo of another BlackHawk landing while we were taking off.

Here's an Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II 'Warthog' landing as we were hovering overhead.

Here I am during the ride. I had a reporter with me and he offered to snap the shot.

Two C-130s parked.

Here's a photo of a brick factory. They're all over the place. The oval structure is actually where the new bricks are baked and seasoned. When they've used up all the clay material around the factory, they pick up and move somewhere else.

An Afghan farming community. A little village with buildings and walls made of 'mud' and surrounding fields.

Old Russian and Taliban ammunition bunkers on outskirts of Kabul.

Here's another photo of the landscape. I thought the erosion patterns were interesting. Someone described them as looking like vericose veins :-)

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