Tuesday, September 21

Miscellaneous photos.

Me, MSgt B, and LTC K, after the 9/11 remembrance on our compound.

The war-torn King's Palace in Kabul.

Me on tank in disarmament heavy weapons holding area.

South Park fans, check this out. I know, this isn't a good public affairs message to put out, but it was too interesting not to post.

Me inside C130 flying from Kabul to Kandahar a few days ago. It was a special flight carrying dignitaries down to the grand opening of an Afghan Army Regional Command Headquarters.

Reception line on the tarmac at Kandahar. The balding man in front of the line is a Vice President and also the head of the Ministry of Defense, Fahim Khan. If you read up on Afghan news you probably recognize his name as a powerful warlord who many expected to be Karzai's running mate. When Karzai selected someone else, people were very concerned how he would react. However, he reacted gracefully and set an example for all the other Warlords to join in the 'new' Afghanistan, where diplomacy settles disagreements rather than the gun. There were other dignitaries including Ambassadors, Generals, and senior Afghan government officials.

C130 on the ground at Kandahar.

Up-armored HMMWV providing security for the caravan of dignitaries from the tarmac to the ceremony.

By establishing regional command headquarters around the country, the Afghan government is showing that the national army is a permanent fixture in all parts of Afghanistan and that warlord militias are no longer needed to provide security for the people.

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