Thursday, August 19

You may have read recently about factional fighting in Herat province and that Amanullah Khan's forces seized an Afghan government airport at Shindand. The U.S. Ambassador here brokered a ceasefire and the Afghan government rapidly deployed a couple of Kandaks (battalions) of the Afghan National Army to resecure the airport and monitor compliance of the cease fire agreement by the factions involved in the fighting. These are photo's of the ANA getting on U.S. C-130 aircraft at Kabul to go to Shindand. A few hundred Afghan National Police also deployed there. This was pretty big news here and the first time the coalition and ANA airlifted this many troops so quickly to take care of a situation in the country.

This is a photo of me with PAO's from the UK (Pete) and Canada (Ken).

Here we are taking a break in the shade. SSG W and SGT K, also from the 105th, are under the wing with me as well as some U.S. embedded trainers that are with the ANA.

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