Friday, July 30

Here are some photos I took at an Afghan National Army facility. The first is a shot of what used to be an exclusive restaurant during the Russian occupation on the top of a mountain overlooking Kabul. It kind of reminded me of the Eagle's Nest in Germany, except the view is not as green!

This is the view from the Eagles Nest. In the foreground is some white buildings. That is a new Afghan Army post. In the background you can see Kabul. You also see two fairly big buildings-- although they looks small in the picture. The one to the right was the Queen's Palace during the 'good ole days' before all the wars. The one to the left was the King's Palace. Both are heavily scarred from the wars, gutted, and uninhabited. You can tell they were once very beautiful, though. I'll send better pics of them later.

Here's a view off the back side of the mountain and a Canadian patrol winding through the pass.

This is a closer view of the Canadian armored reconnaissance vehicle

Me and MAJ B at the top of the hill.


View from the 'house' down to the terrace and pool (off to the left and dilapidated). Bullet holes and bomb fragments litter the house and terrace. A group of Afghan soldiers lives at this facility and use it as an observation post.


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