Thursday, July 15

24 May 2004

Last night I flew back from Kandahar. The evasive maneuvering almost made me sick as the C-130 dipped and banked sharply repeatedly on the approach. I could also hear the missile decoy flares firing off from the plane.

I spent the night at Bagram in the media sleeping quarters. There were no media, so it was largely empty except for SFC Holt's hooch at the back of the hut. The huts we have at Bagram are made of plywood and have tin roofs. They're pretty nice by army standards. Five guys share one of three huts. CPT White's hooch is at the back of the female media hut and SFT Holt's in the male media hut. They all have plenty of room and privacy.

I got back to Kabul in the afternoon. The guys did a lot of cleaning and arranging of our new office space. It's starting to look pretty good, and everyone now has a desk to call their own. It's nice to be 'home'!

Here's a shot from where I was sitting on the C-130.

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