Sunday, June 13

This is quite a few photos. Sorry if it bogs down your systems!

Afghan children during the 'Big 3' patrol.

Jingle trucks. Named so because of the elaborate paint jobs and the chains that hang down on the sides that jingle. The more jingles the more prosperous a driver you are.

Mom and pop shops along the road.

People lining the street on outskirts of Kandahar.

The gunner for the vehicle I was on, SSG Santos.

Photo taken looking over the cab of the HMMWV I was in.

Another one.

Mud houses.

Convoy stopped at ammo dump.

Ammo dump guards. Our interpreter has the ball cap on and is eating an MRE.

Several munitions piles at the dump.

The man seated is the 'manager' of the dump.

This is the patrol leader and the dump manager. He offered to let us swim in this tank of well water. It looked mighty inviting, but we declined :-)

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