Friday, June 4

More photos. Old, but hopefully interesting to you.

Our last week at Fort Riley we took a day and went to Abilene. Here some of us are on the porch of a historic house that now serves lunch and coffee. From left to right: SGT Bolejack, me, 1SG Dyer, SFC Holt, SPC Hubbard, and then 1LT Eckart (now CPT).

Here we are on the C-17 on the way to Afghanistan. They had electrical plug-ins so everyone got out their laptop computers. Closest to the camera is SSG Harp, I'm next to him.

Here is our first our on the Kabul compound talking to the unit we were replacing. We're in the courtyard in front of the house we use for an office. The compound is a neighborhood of houses that we bought and walled in.

The first several days I stayed in the 'Goat House'. It's a house with a dining facility on the ground floor and visiting officer's quarters on the second. This is the view I had from the balcony of the room I shared with another officer temporarilly.

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