Friday, June 25

Here's a picture of the Lone Star House. Our offices are behind the middle and right hand side windows. The rest of the rooms are used as sleeping quarters. Ironically, none of our soldiers are billeted in this building. I know it looks nice. It's a little piece of paradise in a country that really has very little green vegetation.

Here's the courtyard in front of our office, view from roof terrace. Note the table under an apple tree. That's where we eat most of our meals.

Here's the roof terrace of the Lone Star house. It's nice to sit up there at night-- very peaceful.

Another view of our offices. Note the sand bags on the balcony. There's also chicken wire nailed over the windows inside to stop flying glass in the event of rocket/mortar attack.

More of our roses.

There's about five empty swimming pools around this compound of houses that the coalition has walled in. On Memorial Day, we filled a pool up and grilled hamburgers. There's no pump and filter so the pool was later drained.

I know this looks nice, but trust me, 95% of the Soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan are sleeping in tents and have to walk outdoors to get to a bathroom. The Air Force of course has nicer facilities.

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