Thursday, June 3

17 May 04

We held our second press conference today. We did a much better job this time. After improving on things we noted in the After Action Review, I expect the next one will be pretty near perfect.

The media continue to be obsessed with the detainee abuse allegations. They care about nothing else right now. They didn't even ask any questions about the U.S. soldier killed yesterday.

I went to a meeting at the U.S. Embassy with my boss LTC De Werth today. The embassy has huge security and they are in the middle of building a new, bigger embassy. This is a weekly meeting of PAO's from key U.S. and coalition organizations.

Also today, a TV crew that we've been working with was apprehended by our Quick Reaction Force because they were filming outside our compound perimeter. The QRF confiscated their cameras and treated them pretty roughly. I had to calm both the journalists and the QRF down. I told the QRF commander the appropriate way to handle journalists that are violating the ground rules they agreed to follow. We all reviewed their tape and erased the parts that showed our compound defenses. I got their equipment back and lectured them about what's not appropriate for them to film and threatened to revoke their credentials if it happened again.

16 May 04

1SG Dyer, SFC Heusel, CPT Eckart and I moved into our semi-permanent hooch tonight. It's kind of crowded, but may get better as we get more organized. I have a bottom bunk and a built in wall locker. I also have a foot locker next to my bed that I use like a coffee table.

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