Thursday, May 27

14 May

First steak and crab leg night-- 52 to go.

We sat out in the court yard with a couple of 211 MPAD folks for about two hours talking and smoking Cuban cigars. It was a very pleasant evening. We joked around, reminisced about Fort Riley, and pondered how ironic it is that we were dressed in civilian clothes, smoking cubans in a beautiful garden, in the middle of a combat zone!

Friday is the Muslim Sabbath-- much like our Sunday. For us, it means it's a 'slow tempo day'. There is less work to do since none of the Afghan media are working, and we get to wear civilian clothes to work.

I went for a jog for the first time today. I went at about 6:30 a.m. I could really tell we're at high altitude here. I ran about 1.5 miles and got pretty winded. The only place to run is on Gator Alley, which is the little road running from the gate, past all the houses, down to "the swamp" and the pedestrian gate at the other side of the compound. It's about 1/10th of a mile each way.

15 May

We held a press conference on our own today, and did a pretty good job. We also credentialed about six journalists. Many of the journalists I've been talking to lately are German. I made a plan to send ZDF to Kandahar to be embedded with our forces there. It was really nice talking to them in German.

This evening, much to our surprise, the ZDF crew brought us dinner. Evidently there is a German restaurant in Kabul called der Deutsche Hof. The schnitzel was pretty darn good!

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