Tuesday, April 27

Several people have asked why I didn't have any photo's with me in them early on in the blog-- that was because I was taking the photos. Well, I scrounged up several photo's this week from others in the unit-- so here you go!

This is NBC training that we did in Topeka the week before we reported to Fort Riley. I'm wearing a training chemical protective suit and the M-40 mask. The suits we're taking to Afghanistan are a newer design. It was actually snowing during the picture, although it's difficult to see. We were training on the donning of the protective gear correctly and within certain time standards. We also trained on proper decontamination procedures.

Here we are on a early morning road march with battle rattle and ruck sacks. Since we were in a public park, we couldn't carry our weapons like we usually do.

The Kabul team, plus the First Sergeant and I, during a rest halt.

Discussing after the road march things we want to do differently for the next. We're always tuning our procedures and making the training more challenging.

Staff meeting late in the evening during one of our busier weeks. Normally we try to hold them during the day and in uniform.

Greeting Kansas' Adjutant General. He flew out with the Command Sergeant Major to visit us. The helicopter landed right across the street from our barracks. He was impressed with what he saw ;-)

Lunch with the Assistant Adjutant General for Land Component. He flew out a different week with is CSM and stayed almost the whole day with us to talk to the soldiers, observe our training and otherwise see how we're doing.

Here's the A-TAG observing some of our soldiers training on our new video acquisition system. They were shooting video for a 30 second humorous spot about littering. It turned out great. He actually has a good understanding of photography. The soldiers were impressed :-)

Unit photo.

Well, what do you think? There's more to come in the next few days.

-- Rick

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