Wednesday, April 21

It's been a while since I've posted... but rest assured we're still keeping busy. Meaningful training is the best way to combat boredom and other morale issues that can arise when stuck in a holding pattern at the mobilization station.

Here are some photos of our Combat Life Saver certification course we conducted. CLS is a one week course (we got a slightly accelerated version of it) designed to train normal soldiers to be first responders for treating injured soldiers. The thought behind CLS is that for each Army platoon, there is typically one medic authorized. That medic is tremendously busy in a combat situation, too busy to treat all the injured right away. So the army certifies one soldier from each section of about five soldiers to be a CLS. Their quick action in treating a wound until the medic can get to them can make a huge difference. CLS certified soldiers carry an aid bag equipped with two IV kits, splints, special bandages, etc. The big hands-on exercise in the course is administering an IV to a classmate. All twenty personnel in the 105th MPAD are now CLS certified and equipped.

In this photo we're checking and setting up the IV kit:

In this photo I'm gaining a full appreciation of the size of the needle :)

In this photo I have already inserted the needle into the vein, slid the sheath fully into the vein, and am removing the needle. Some blood oozed out because I didn't pinch the catheter off quick enough when removing the needle-- a little messy buy not a problem. My 'patient' didn't mind. He is a former Marine that doesn't scare easily.

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