Wednesday, March 31

We spent a large part of last week training in Fort Riley's hi-tech Battle Simulation Center. The Sim Center allows units to train in a 'virtual' world. They have pods built with interiors identical to the Army's M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1 Abrams tank, HMMWV, and Tactical Operations Centers. They have enough pods to train a full tank company and a full Bradley company simultaneously. We used the HMMWV and Bradley simulators.

Here's what the Bradley pods look like from the outside. The driver sits in the smaller of the two pods that make up each Bradley simulator. I'm standing between the driver and crew pods.

Here's the inside of the dismounted infantry pod with SPC Hanson in the photo. You get a panoramic view from all the monitors, plus and electronic map directly in front of the operator. The joy stick allows the person to move around. In this exercise we were calling in artillery on enemy that we spotted. If you look closely you'll also see Army radios that we used to call in the fire.

Here's another view of the dismounted infantry pod with CPTs White and Meyers visible. This time the monitors are showing the view through binoculars.

After each training session we do an After Action Review in the classroom, where the computer can play back everything that occurred.

By doing this training at the Sim Center, we can pack a whole lot more training into less time than if we actually have our vehicles out in the post training area. Plus you can simulate situations and enemy activity better.

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