Friday, March 12

The next day of Gate 2 we did Urban Operations. We learned how to enter and clear an entire building, how to move between buildings, traps to look out for, and did a realistic scenario. The scenario was that we were escorting Katie Couric to a remote site to do a live broadcast. On our way our convoy was blocked from the front and rear, then the locals started shooting at us. We had to seek the cover or a building, clear it, call for assistance, and hunker down until assistance could arrive.

We had a lady in civilian clothes acting like Katie. The OPFOR were dressed as locals and when the gunfire erupted some of us had to lay down suppressive fire while the others exited the vehicles and established a hasty perimeter. Then after I called for assistance, we chose a building to take shelter in. One team entered the building and started to clear it of any 'hazards'. Then the next team entered the building bringing Katie, the wounded, and what materials we could manage to carry from the vehicles. Our Combat Life Savers started treating the wounded while we finished clearing the building and setting up a defense. We had to 'hold the fort' till the calvary arrived two hours later. It was a great exercise and a lot of fun!

Moving between buildings:

Entering building. Trainer is in desert camo (DCUs). He recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan.

'Stacking' at the door.

Approaching door.

Local answering our knock. She later slammed the door shut on us. Lesson learned, after the door is openned position yourself to catch the door if they attempted to close it on you. Reopening the door ourselves after 10 seconds elapsed would be very risky.

Later, she scared the heck out of my soldier by popping up out of a trap door in the floor. We apprehended her for her own safety while we were in the house. She's really an Army Major.

Working our way from room to room. These are old WW II Army barracks.

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