Tuesday, March 23

11 March

We got our DCU's (Desert Camo Uniforms) back from the sewing shop today. The unit patch was sewn on the left shoulder, an American flag on the right, name tag sewn over the right pocket, and the U.S. Army tag sewn on over the left pocket. They wouldn't sew on our rank and special badges like Airborne and combat patches, so those who want them will have to take them to a private sewing shop. After that, the Army will take the DCUs and spray them with a persistent bug repellent. It's supposed to keep the sand fleas and mites off us and is supposed to be effective for 100 washes. I sure hope there are no health risks to this chemical. If there are, their would probably be an argument that the risks are outweighed by eliminating the risks posed by the critters.

Also today, we got the 2d Anthrax shot. We'll get our next one next week and another couple of boosters while we're in country. We also got the Smallpox vaccine. It creates a blister that is contagious, so we have to keep a bandage over it all the time. It'll be a couple of weeks before it scabs over and goes away. It should leave a small scar.

Supplies are trickling in. I'm impressed with some of the things they're buying for us-- mainly because I remember having to pay for these things myself when I was Regular Army. They've bought us combat rifle slings which position the rifles so we can take aim quicker if something suddenly happens. They've also bought us more GPS systems, safety glasses (that make us look like the Terminator), and Camelback water hydration systems.

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