Tuesday, February 17

Well, we've been working very hard for over a week now at our 'home station' in Topeka. We've got all the equipment checked, inventoried, and packed into a truck for transport to our Moblization Station later in the week. We've completed mandatory training in terrorism awareness, operational security, safety, soldier common tasks (i.e. first aid, chemical defense, land navigation), Combat Life Saver training for six soldiers, and some other canned required training.

We had a wonderful Professor of History out from KSU to give us a country/cultural briefing. It was fantastic. We learned about Islam, Afghan history, and Afghan culture- things that can keep us public affairs folks from sticking our feet in our mouths when dealing with the locals.

This week we also trained on our new, state-of-the-art digital still and video cameras and editing software. Today and tomorrow we're learning more about media facilitation-- how to run a press center, do press releases, run press conferences, and escort media on the battlefield. Some local TV and newspaper media will be coming in later in the week to help us with some practical exercises.

The soldiers from Oklahoma and Kansas have come together quite well over the past week. While the leadership had met on a few occasions, the unit had never trained together prior to this mobilization. We have an excellent team with diverse skills, knowledge, and experience. Half our soldiers have already experienced a deployment as members of other units. I am confident we will do a great job in Afghanistan.

Today, some local family members cooked some soups and brought them in for us for lunch. That was a fantastic morale booster. Not only did it taste great, but it was also a nice change of pace from the MRE's we've been having for lunch and the contracted restaurant food we've been having for supper.

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