Wednesday, February 25

Reported to Fort Riley yesterday. We had a nice, informal send-off in the parking lot of our unit just prior to leaving. The Adjutant General presented us with a state flag that we'll try to fly on a few occasions at our various posts in Afghanistan. Several 'full-timers' were on hand to wish us well and some family members were able to make it.

Two last minute changes made the trip a challenge-- good things we were only an hour away from Riley because two of us had to take our own cars in order to get us all and our equipment here. We were supposed to have two large vans. We ended up with a large van and a mini van. The other change was that we had to send the mini van early with our M-16s and no passengers or equipment leaving us essentially with only the large van for 11 personnel and our baggage.

When we got to Riley we had our first meal at the chow hall. Pretty good food! We had a little time before our first in-processing meeting so we visited on of the museums on post. It was quite good. One of our van drivers was a First Sergeant (not part of our unit). He copped an attitude about chauffering us to the chow hall and museum since he was told to only take us to the meeting. We made him understand that he was to do whatever we needed him to do until such time as I release him. We expected to receive a hard time from some folks here, but not from our own National Guard and not on our first day. We are also having problems with our supply sergeant's 'customer service', but I won't get into that right now.

In contrast, the people at Riley, the Reserve Training Support Battalion, and the Reserve Support Group have been very professional and helpfull.

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